Fuel Management System
Fuel Level Sensor with Sealed Contact System

PV Clean Mobility Technologies designs and develops highly effective and efficient fuel level sensors that come with a fully encapsulated sensor element. The sensor element is fully encapsulated which ensures that the plates are fully protected from any kind of damage or abrasion, thereby increasing the stiffness of configuration.


Passenger Car


  • They come with hermetically sealed contacts to ensure robust protection against corrosion
  • They are highly durable with a longer life time (>10 million cycles) because it is made up of a wear free measurement system
  • Electromagnetic compatibility

Tech specifications:

  • Measurement Range: Angle Upto 90° angle
  • Operating Current: Upto 20 mA
  • Resolution: 1.7 degree/pad
  • Maximum Resistor Tolerance: +/-1%
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C upto +80°C


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