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Coolant Flow Control Valve - Rotary

Highly efficient and effective in shutting off the coolant flow, switching over coolant circuits smoothly, and regulating the coolant flow, the coolant flow control valves (rotary) designed and developed by PV Clean Mobility Technologies come in two forms - smart and non-smart. Each of them is highly affordable and are fully functional.


Passenger Car
Commercial Vehicle
Hybrid Vehicle
Electric Car


  • Feature full movement, and fully functional range
  • Affordable price
  • Work at a high speed
  • Modular and flexible design
  • Non-contacting position sensor
  • The smart version comes with integrated electronics and electrical fail safe assurity
  • Each of the versions, smart and non-smart, is robust against external magnetic fields

Tech specifications:

  • Temp. range environment: -40°C upto +125°C
  • Temp. range fluid: -40°C upto +135°C
  • Movement speed: <2 s over 180° at 13.5V and RT
  • Tube Inner Diameter: 16 mm
  • Communication Interface: PWN in case of non-smart version and LIN in case of smart version


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