Passenger Cars & Light CV
Electrical Wastegate Actuator

Designed with the best of technology and craftsmanship at PV Clean Technologies, the electrical wastegate actuator performs effective waste-gate adjustment, ensures minimal leakage and therefore optimal usage of fuel and excellent functional application. Our electrical wastegate actuator does this by ensuring smooth, best possible interaction between turbocharger and combustion engine.


Passenger Car
Commercial Vehicle
3 wheeler
Hybrid Vehicle
Electric Car


  • Permanent feedback signal (Contactless)
  • Continuous adjustment of external application using rotating output shaft
  • Option: Default position
  • Modular light weight design

Tech specifications:

  • Up to 0.5 NM Torque range Actuator
  • Stall Torque > 1.5 NM and >5Nm variants
  • Holding Torque capability at 140°C:420Ncm
  • Maximum continuous holding torque without return function at 140°C
  • Capable of operating between -40°C and +160°C
  • Angular travel up to 150°
  • Working current consumption -0.8 Amp
  • Fast response time - 90mSec
  • Light weighted up to 250 gms


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