Hybrid Vehicles

Fuel Delivery Module - PV Regular application

Carefully re-engineered after thorough analysis of the weaknesses of the fuel delivery modules that are available in the market, PV Clean Mobility Technologies has designed and developed fuel delivery modules that use less filters; offer increased service life of the primary pump; and minimise the amount of contaminants entering a primary fuel pump as small contaminants are collected as well as contained in order to make sure that they don’t pass through the primary pump filter.


Passenger Car
Commercial Vehicle
3 wheeler
Hybrid Vehicle


  • Increases the service life of the primary pump
  • Minimises the chances of contaminants entering the primary fuel pump
  • Offers high fuel efficiency
  • Constant flow or demand regulated
  • Cost effective modular design to cover various customer requirements

Tech specifications:

  • Lower power consumption
  • Increased lifespan, robustness and reliability
  • Reduced fuel aging
  • Reduced pump length and weight
  • Reduced load of the carbon canister
  • Optimized fuel pump
  • CO2 reduction through improved electrical efficiency
  • Weight and volume reduction up to -20% (200g)
  • Increased pressure range (up to 800kPa)
  • Less interfaces
  • Fuel Resistant for flex fules and upto e100
  • Serviceable life-time Filter


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